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Air Transportation

The Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG), operated by the Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc. (WAA), is the only international airport between Toronto and Calgary capable of handling large freighter aircraft. It is competitively positioned as a 24-hour airport. Only 4.5 miles (7 km) from the city center, it provides convenient access for Winnipeg business and visitor traffic alike. Winnipeg International Airport is Canada’s longest-serving international airport.

YWG offers a broad range of air passenger and cargo services including international carriers, commuter airlines, jet freight carriers, fixed base operators, and various charter operations. It serves more than3 a million passengers, has over 150,000 aircraft movements, and handles over 140,000 tonnes of cargo annually.

Winnipeg’s leaders have recognized the significance of the airport to the city’s future. It is at the heart of a strong provincial transportation sector and the airport is a significant economic catalyst. recent service enhancements include improved trans-border air services and direct services to the U.K.  Winnipeg is one of North America’s major air gateways, due to its favorable central location relative to global flight paths.

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