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Our Services

The team at Destination Winnipeg wants to provide you with the best services we can. In order to do so, it’s important to ensure that you know what Destination Winnipeg does and doesn’t do.

Destination Winnipeg is not a funding agency, but a services agency. We are a focal point for information on working, living, and playing in Winnipeg and for coordinating many economic development and tourism initiatives.

As a services agency, Destination Winnipeg provides:

  1. Information – timely and relevant information on Winnipeg’s economy, community, and strategic business sectors;

  2. Marketing – quality marketing materials and promotion of Winnipeg to businesses, industries, and visitors;

  3. Brokering – coordination with appropriate City and Provincial departments to facilitate economic development and tourism projects and to leverage investment in targeted projects and sectors;

  4. Partnering – mobilizing resources and coordination of efforts among key players in strategic sectors; and

  5. Project management and support – helping to retain, expand and attract business in Winnipeg.