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Utility Rates

Hydro Electricity and Natural Gas

Manitoba Hydro is the province’s major energy utility, headquartered in Winnipeg. They serve 499,535 electric customers throughout Manitoba and 249,351 gas customers in various communities throughout southern Manitoba. Virtually all electricity generated by the provincial Crown Corporation is from self-renewing water power. They are also the major distributor of natural gas in the province. The Corporation’s capital assets-in-service at original cost exceeds $9 billion, making them one of the largest electricity and natural gas utilities in Canada.

Access to low-cost reliable power is not the only consideration when selecting a site. Manitoba Hydro is prepared to offer a full range of energy services and solutions to assist you in optimizing your operations. Manitoba Hydro’s services and solutions include power quality studies, energy audits, facility design consultation, PowerSmart energy efficiency measures, and turn-key power protection systems, including both conventional battery-based systems or innovative battery-free uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. These offerings are intended to help Winnipeg businesses achieve years of reliable, cost-effective operation, enhancing profitability and encouraging growth.

Manitoba Hydro is pleased to offer one-stop site selection coordination on a confidential basis. If you are in the process of evaluating multiple locations, Manitoba Hydro will coordinate the collection of the data you require in Manitoba.

For more information or to submit a site-selection data form, contact:

David N. Huminicki
Industrial Development Engineer

Paul S. Chard
Industrial Development Marketing Specialist

Industrial & Commercial Solutions
Manitoba Hydro
300 – 1565 Willson Place
P.O. Box 815
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2P4

Website: www.hydro.mb.ca


Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) is Canada’s third-largest communications provider. Seamlessly blending innovative solutions and world-class technology, MTS connects its customers to the world. MTS serves enterprise and residential customers in Manitoba with a full suite of services ranging from wireline voice and high-speed data services to next-generation wireless services, to MTS TV, through its MTS (Manitoba) division. Its Allstream division serves its national business customers with a world-class portfolio of Connectivity, Infrastructure Management, and IT Services. Spanning more than 18,800 kilometers, MTS and Allstream have an extensive broadband fiber-optic network and the greatest reach of any competitive communication solutions provider in Canada.

MTS Headquarters
P.O. Box 6666
333 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3V6