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Lowest Hydro Costs

Plentiful, Affordable, and Reliable Energy

Regional energy crises in many parts of North America are generating concerns about rising power rates, energy shortages, reliability, and long-term power supplies. Increasingly, these factors are negatively impacting profits and productivity, and in some cases are shaking the viability of companies with a critical dependence on a long-term supply of low-cost reliable energy. Manufacturing and data warehousing are activities that require a long-term supply of reliable energy at a reasonable price.  For information on hydro visit:  www.hydro.mb.ca/your_business/locate/index.shtml

Winnipeg stands apart from other jurisdictions for several reasons:

  • Lowest hydroelectric costs of major cities in Canada.
  • Manitoba has a vast, dependable supply of clean, economical hydroelectric power – and the lowest published electricity rates in North America. The current generating capacity amounts to some 5,000 megawatts. A further 4,000 megawatts of potential capacity is available to be developed at a reasonable cost.
  • An abundant supply of natural gas, oil, and electric power.
  • Inexpensive, high-quality, worldwide telecommunications service.
  • Basic business telephone service rates are among the lowest in Canada.

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