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Highly Educated

Winnipeg’s employees are a direct reflection of our high-quality education and training system. Winnipeg’s excellent education system ensures the continued availability of a quality pool of educated human resources to sustain your company’s operation. Four universities, a progressive college, and numerous vocational schools educate and train Winnipeggers in a multitude of disciplines, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to be effective employees.

Winnipeg has a wide variety of graduates ranging from high school to Ph.D. levels.

Winnipeg Graduates from University and College

Graduates – 2005/06

  • University of Manitoba – 4,696
  • Red River College – 3,539
  • University of Winnipeg – 1,378
  • Canadian Mennonite University – 61
  • Total –  9,674

Education Levels

Secondary School

More than 13,000 students graduate from high school each year in Manitoba. Free, high-quality, public K-12 education and government subsidies for post-secondary education ensure Winnipeg’s high school graduates are on the right path to fill future skilled labour requirements.

French language education

Winnipeg’s bilingual workforce is strengthened by our French language education system. In Manitoba, there are about 4,500 students enrolled in French language schools and 17,600 students enrolled in French Immersion.

Post-secondary education

Each year almost 70,000 Manitobans are enrolled in post-secondary education programs. Almost 10,000 graduate annually.

As part of its strong commitment to maintain an educated workforce, now and in the future, the Manitoba government has pledged to double enrollment in Manitoba’s community colleges.

Student Enrollments for Universities and Colleges 2004/05

Enrollment – Full-time and Part-time

  • University of Manitoba – 27,625
  • University of Winnipeg – 8,778
  • Le College universitaire de Saint-Boniface – 954
  • Canadian Mennonite University – 570
  • Red River College – 31,312
  • Total – 69,239

Note: The figures do not include numbers for Continuing Education, Distance Ed, Contract Training or Regional Centres.
College numbers include regular and apprenticeship programs only.

Education levels by population

  • More than 44% of Manitobans (15 years of age +) have some or all of their post-secondary education.
  • 27% have completed their college and/or university education.
  • Nearly 19 per cent of Winnipeggers over 25 years of age have obtained a university degree.