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The Winnipeg Advantage

There are many reasons to operate your business in Winnipeg. We call these the Winnipeg Advantage, and so will you. From our highly educated and productive workforce to our central location and fine quality of life, you’ll find it all an advantage for you, your employees and your business.

Strategic Location

  • CMA population of over 712,000
  • The geographic centre of Canada
  • The central location allows effective service to all North American time zones
  • The northern hub of the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor

Excellent Transportation and Distribution

  • Largest distribution centre between Vancouver and Toronto
  • At the core of both of Canada’s national intermodal rail systems, Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Rail System (CP), with direct connections to the US via CN and CP’s American subsidiaries
  • Headquarters for many of the top interprovincial general freight carriers in Canada
  • Worldwide freight forwarding services
  • One of the few 24-hour international airports in North America with daily flights to major Canadian and US cities
  • One of the most reliable airports in the world, averaging less than two hours in downtime annually
  • Access to ocean ports through Churchill and Thunder Bay

Diverse Industry and Leading Companies

  • Many of Canada’s leading companies and entrepreneurs call Winnipeg home
  • The historical financial centre of Western Canada. Headquarters of both Great-West Life Assurance Company, Canada’s leading insurance company and Investors Group, Canada’s largest mutual fund company
  • Headquarters of Canwest Global Communications Corp., Canada’s leading international media company and Canada’s largest newspaper marketing company
  • Canada’s grain industry headquarters and Canada’s only Commodity Exchange. Major agriculture-based corporations include: Cargill Limited, the Canadian Wheat Board and James Richardson and Sons, Limited
  • Home of the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Home to a growing number of large customer contact centres including: Convergys Customer Management, CN Customer Service Centre, CP Customer Service Centre, INSPYRE Solutions Inc., Air Canada, Canada Post, Canada Revenue Agency, and Royal Direct (Royal Bank)
  • One of the most diversified secondary manufacturing sectors in Canada
  • Over 50% of Canadian agricultural machinery output is manufactured in Manitoba
  • Headquarters of Palliser Furniture, one of Canada’s largest furniture manufacturers
  • Western Canada’s largest and most diversified aerospace centre. World-class companies include: Standard Aero Limited, Boeing Canada Technology and Bristol Aerospace Limited
  • Fashion – the third largest garment production centre in Canada. Winnipeg firms include: Mondetta, Gemini Fashions, Nygard International, Western Glove Works, Standard Knitting and Prosperity Knitwear

Competitive Combined Business Costs

  • A 2008 study by KPMG showed Winnipeg has among the lowest overall business costs of major cities
  • Winnipeg ranks third among mid-sized cities within the North American Midwest
  • Overall Winnipeg cost indexes are lower than the Canadian average

Productive and Skilled Workforce

  • Very competitive labour costs
  • Highly productive
  • Very low turnover rates providing workforce stability
  • Well educated and trained workforce
  • Among the lowest worker’s compensation board rates in North America
  • Excellent education and training institutes

Excellent Educational and Technical Training

  • Winnipeg is a university and college city with close to 70,000 students in post-secondary institutions
  • Home of three universities, the University of Manitoba and its Francophone affiliate, Collége Universitaire de Saint-Boniface, the University of Winnipeg, and the Canadian Mennonite University
  • Two highly respected technical training institutions, Red River College and Winnipeg Technical College

Affordable Industrial and Commercial Sites and Buildings

  • Fully serviced land available for a variety of industries
  • Ample commercial and office space available
  • Office space costs range from $8-16 per square foot, among the lowest in major Canadian and North American cities

Reliable Low-Cost Energy and Communications

  • Lowest electricity costs of major cities in North America
  • An abundant supply of natural gas, oil and electric power
  • Cost competitive, state-of-the-art, worldwide telecommunications infrastructure and service
  • Competitive telecommunications

Strong Health Industries

  • One of the largest health industries sectors in Canada
  • Manitoba has the fastest-growing biotech and health research sector in Canada
  • Recognized Canadian centre for medical research
  • Home to the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health, Canada’s only Level 4 lab
  • Home of Health Canada/Agri-Food & Agriculture Canada Federal Laboratories
  • Home to the National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics

Affordable Lifestyle

  • Affordable cost of living and lifestyle
  • Most people commute to work in 20 minutes or less
  • Winnipeg has among the most affordable housing of major cities in North America
  • Winnipeg is a cradle for arts and culture, festivals and events
  • Diversity of cultures, neighbourhoods, recreation, sports, parks and entertainment
  • Nearby lakes, beaches and cottage country
  • Exceptional community spirit