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City / Provincial Governments

The Role of the Provincial Government – Manitoba Government

  • Administer and deliver services such as health care, education, social assistance, child care, road maintenance and upgrading
  • Funded mainly through federal government and taxes

Premier of the Province of Manitoba

  • Leader of the government caucus in the Legislative Assembly and head of the cabinet or executive of government

MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly)

  • The role of legislator who supports or opposes the enactment of new laws
  • Serves as a representative of his or her constituency
  • A member of an elected party caucus, which involves supporting the caucus and its decisions
  • Serves as a Cabinet Minister or Opposition Critic

Role of the Municipal Government – City of Winnipeg

  • Deliver services such as water, sanitation and sewers, road maintenance, fire and ambulance, and garbage collection
  • Governed by City Council, which consists of 15 city ward representatives and is headed by the Mayor, who also serves as the Chief Officer of the city
  • The Mayor appoints a Deputy Mayor, an Acting Deputy Mayor, chairpersons of Standing Committees of Council and any other members of Executive Policy Committee
  • Council duties include
    • enactment of by-laws
    • current and capital budgets, setting the mill rate
    • fees for civic services and facilities
    • department head appointments
    • contract approvals
    • legislation requests and land purchases

Plan Winnipeg Vision 2020

  • Plan Winnipeg is City Council’s long-range policy plan
  • Main purpose is to guide Winnipeg into the twenty-first century by addressing the broad physical, social, economic and environmental conditions in the city
  • Provides the foundation for all civic activity
  • The most important aspect of the Plan is that it explains how Council and the Winnipeg community can work together to achieve Winnipeg’s potential

Plan Winnipeg Vision 2020 – Quality of Life

Through annual surveys, Winnipeggers have said that they value the quality of life available here.

  • Winnipeggers appreciate the size and pace of the city and find it easy to get around.
  • They feel a strong sense of community, surrounded by friendly, caring people
  • They cherish the city’s amenities, recognizing that there is a rich variety of things to do
  • They are strongly attached to their neighbourhoods
  • They feel that, with a relatively low cost of living, Winnipeg is a good place to raise a family
  • Winnipeggers see Winnipeg as a cosmopolitan city with a healthy environment, a diverse economy, world-class artistic and cultural facilities, and a rich heritage

Plan Winnipeg Vision 2020 – City Council

Under a set of certain principles, City Council fulfills its mandate, which includes:

  • community leadership, representation and advocacy;
  • regulatory authority to safeguard the public good;
  • the provision of infrastructure like roads, sewer, and water;
  • the provision of services like public safety, transportation and recreation.

Council’s mandate is committed to acting in a number of capacities including:

  • as an advocate, representing the interests of the community to other organizations;
  • as a facilitator, assisting with the provision of facilities and services;
  • as a regulator, controlling activity in an area to safeguard public interest;
  • as a funder, offering financial assistance for the provision of a service or facility;
  • as a provider, delivering programs and services and undertaking projects.