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Bid Presentation

The beginning of any great conference starts with a great bid! Destination Winnipeg has the know-how and expertise to prepare a professional bid presentation. We pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of the bids we prepare.

On your behalf, we will request that the properties of your choice submit proposals for your consideration. Just provide us with a list of your requirements and we will take it from there!

We will arrange to have letters of invitation from the appropriate government dignitaries included in your presentation.

A section of this presentation can be reserved for local chapter input including your own letters of invitation and any other information that will assist your chapter with its bid.

The bid will be customized for your particular group, whether it be an international, North American, Canadian or regional conference. It will include information on the available amenities during your conference time frame, as well as ideas for theme functions, spousal and children’s programs as well as pre and post-conference tours.

All bid books are customized, in full colour and bound in a professional manner. In addition, all bid books can be made available in electronic format for ease of distribution to your selection committee.

Destination Winnipeg can also work with you in the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation, providing valuable information on the city. As well, under certain circumstances, Destination Winnipeg can present to your decision makers as part of your team. Who better than Destination Winnipeg to support your efforts as to why Winnipeg is the perfect destination for your convention?