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Key Benefits

Think you know Winnipeg?  Maybe you haven’t heard or seen what’s happening in the heart of Canada.  This city is vibrant, growing, full of life and opportunity.

It’s a city that works hard, and a city that many of Canada’s leading businesses are calling home.

What sets us apart? It’s as much of a fact as it is a feeling.  It’s the kind of city you come to for a holiday or on business and think, “I could live here.”  There’s an energy.  An optimism and vitality – where opportunity exists and you can still make your mark.

From one of Canada’s most diverse and stable economies to a productive and educated workforce, to a central location that has played an integral part of our past and our plans for the future, to business costs that impact the bottom line, to an affordable, yet enviable quality of life, the benefits of doing business in Winnipeg are not only the Winnipeg Advantage but the competitive advantage that your business needs.

Labour Force

The Winnipeg region’s concentrated labour force is a strategic advantage enjoyed by few provinces of our size. Almost 90 per cent of Manitoba’s total labour force is within a 100 kilometre radius of Winnipeg. About 524,500 individuals between the ages of 15 and 64 live within this region.

With Winnipeg’s short commuting distance, ample parking availability and excellent public transportation system, companies have the unique ability to attract employees from the entire metropolitan area and its surrounding communities.

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Productivity Level

Winnipeg-based employers experience one of the lowest periods of uninterrupted work. Job tenure in Manitoba is one of the longest in Canada, an indicator of a stable workforce and solid productivity. Winnipeg’s citizens also share a strong work ethic, a point often noted by companies with operations both here and elsewhere.

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Competitive Wage Rates

According to KPMG’s latest Competitive Alternatives Report, Canada has the lowest overall labour costs, including benefits. Add to this Manitoba’s highly competitive wage rate structure. The province’s reasonable cost of living is a major factor in enabling wages to be so competitive across the country.