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Government Assistance Programs

Canada / Manitoba Business Service Centre – C/MBSC

There is a Canada Business Service Centre in each province in a major urban centre. Each Canada Business Service Centre offers a combination of products and services, tailored to meet the needs of its distinctive client base, to ensure clients get accurate and comprehensive business information. Doing a business plan, finding new markets or getting ready to export? The resources in the centres are invaluable to good business planning.

The centres provide Canadian business people with a wide range of information on government services, programs and regulations. The current network of 13 centres, one in every province, Nunavut and in the Yukon, is the result of cooperative arrangements between federal and provincial governments and in some cases, the private sector. The centres reduce the complexity of dealing with various levels of government – answers are consolidated from the client’s point of view.

Anyone may use the services of the C/MBSCs. However, start-up entrepreneurs and established small/medium business in any sector will find the centres an efficient way to access government programs, services, selected regulations and sources of information.


Service by telephone: The C/MBSCs provide toll-free telecentres to help you reach Business Information Officers that are ready to help find answers to your business questions and problems.

Service on the Web: The C/MBSC Internet Site at www.cbsc.org contains information on federal and provincial government services, programs and regulations that can be searched or browsed. The website is continually updated with new materials and useful links to other websites.

Service in person: The C/MBSCs offer an extensive collection of business related information as well as leading edge products and access to external databases. As a business client you are welcome to research on your own or get help from our trained Business Information Officers.

Info-Guides: The C/MBSC has created Info-Guides on various areas to help navigate through the wide range of programs and services offered by a number of government departments and private sector organizations.

Toolbox: The C/MBSCs have recently collaborated in the development of several innovative new products. The Interactive Business Planner (IBP) is a revolutionary new business planning tool designed specifically for the Internet – check it out at www.cbsc.org/ibp. A major new online service has also been created for Canadian businesses seeking export information. Export Source is available on the Internet at www.exportsource.gc.ca. Also, there is the Online Small Business Workshop which is a Web-based tool that provides techniques for developing a business idea, starting a new venture and improving an existing small business.