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Energy and Environment

Winnipeg has shown its capabilities locally and internationally in virtually every sub-sector of the environment industry. Building on Canada’s solid environmental science and technology base, Winnipeg entrepreneurs continuously seek consortia to develop technologies and processes to address both domestic and international environmental problems.

The environment component of the industry produces goods or services that measure, prevent, limit, or correct environmental damage to water, air, and soil, and problems related to waste, noise, and ecosystems. There are over 360 Manitoba companies involved in the sector, which employ 5,400 people (full-time equivalent). Revenues are estimated to exceed $350 million annually.

The predominant activity in the energy component of the industry is a generation, transmission, and distribution of hydroelectric power. Manitoba Hydro is the province’s sole electrical utility. Manitoba Hydro has generating capacity of over 5,000 MW, with a further MW of underdeveloped resource potential. It operates 14 hydroelectric generating stations and two thermal generating stations. Manitoba Hydro is also the principal distributor of natural gas in the province. Electricity sales reached a record high of $1.8 billion in 2005 and electricity export sales increased 68% to nearly $600 million. The industry directly employs 4,400 persons.

Areas of expertise include:


  • hydroelectric and thermal power generation
  • electrical power transmission and distribution
  • natural gas distribution
  • HVDC power transmission over long distances and conversion to AC power


  • air/water/biological services
  • laboratory services
  • education and training
  • on-site treatment services
  • waste management services
  • environmental engineering
  • equipment and supply
  • recycling services
  • research and development

Major energy and environment companies located in Winnipeg include:

  • Manitoba Hydro – www.hydro.mb.ca
  • Avalon Institute of Applied Science – www.avalon-institute.org
  • Kraus Global Inc. – www.krausglobal.com
  • PDK Projects Inc. – www.pdkprojects.com
  • Xpotential Products Inc. – www.xpotentialproducts.com

Competitive strengths:

  • lowest published electricity rates in North America
  • industrial electricity rates in Manitoba have not increased in 12 years
  • stability of supply and ample room for capacity expansion
  • leading capabilities with respect to technology development and transfer
  • diverse capabilities
  • public commitment to sustainable development and natural resource stewardship
  • presence of leading national and international institutions