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Diverse Economy

Winnipeg has a highly diverse economy, a bonus in terms of economic stability. In recent studies by Moody’s Investor Service and the Conference Board of Canada, Winnipeg has been viewed to have a very diverse economic structure. Winnipeg’s aerospace, finance, transportation, insurance and textiles, leather and apparel industries provide a solid economic base, which serves the community well. Overall, Winnipeg’s diverse economy provides a stable workforce, low unemployment rates and a cushion against major fluctuations based on downturns in the economy.

Manitoba has the most diversified manufacturing sector in Western Canada. Manufacturing outputs range from food and beverage to tractors and other farm equipment; municipal and interurban buses to specialty steel products; electrical components; aerospace components; chemicals; plastics; furniture; and much more. Manufacturers can source many of their inputs from other firms, and draw on a large pool of skilled labour. Much of the manufacturing activity is export oriented. The bus and tractor manufacturers export most of their output, making motor vehicles Manitoba’s largest category of export.