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Industry Associations

Life Science Association of Manitoba

Life Science Association of Manitoba (LSAM) is the premier association promoting Manitoba’s dynamic life science industry.  LSAM represents the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical device sectors.  Founded in 1990, LSAM provides valuable services for organizations involved in R&D, commercialization and manufacturing of life science products.

Since its inception LSAM programs have addressed shortages of qualified labour within the life science and health products sector.  The association is also active in the promotion of Manitoba’s life science clusters, community networking facilitation of partnerships between public and private constituents, promotion of public awareness and acceptance of the sector, enhancement of international visibility of the local sector, and exploration of means to drive capital fomation for a sustainable biotechnology community.

In the past decade, Manitoba has experienced a significant increase in activities within the life science and health products sector.  Several major publicly financed research centres exist and total employment, as well as the number of new companies, continues to grow despite challenges facing the industry.  As the sector has grown, LSAM has evolved to meet changing needs while still maintaining a foundation of community support and involvement.

At LSAM’s core are four strategic pillars:

  • To build human resource capacity
  • To serve as advocate for the sector
  • To build the local life sciences community
  • To promote economic development

For more information, please contact LSAM at:

464 – 435 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3B 1Y6
Ph: 204-942-3830
Fax: 204-942-3833
E-mail: info@lsam.ca

Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba

Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba (ICTAM) is the industry association representing Manitoba’s ICT sector. It is a not-for-profit, membership based organization with a primary membership concentration of ICT suppliers and developers. The secondary focus is consumers, those companies that require a vibrant ICT sector for growth.

ICTAM is a new industry association that will work to foster Manitoba’s ICT Sector. Their mission is to enable the sector to prosper by demonstrating strength through membership, influence through credibility, a unified voice, effective programming, collaboration and celebration of industry achievements.

For more information, please contact ICTAM at:

Kathy Knight, Executive Director
411 – 435 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3B 1Y6
Ph: 204-943-7133
Fax: 204-957-5628
E-mail: kathy@ictam.ca

Manitoba Customer Contact Association

The Manitoba Customer Contact Association (MCCA) is an industry association comprised of excellent Manitoba companies and organizations in the customer contact sector. The MCCA provides Manitoba stakeholders the opportunity to create a long-term strategy to help ensure the growth of a sustainable Manitoba labour pool and to address the employment needs of the customer contact industry through public and private partnerships. The Association is dedicated to fostering excellence in customer service in Customer Contact Centres.

The mission of the Association is “To foster and evolve a sustainable environment and to recognize excellence within the Contact Centre Industry, by creating awareness, learning, networking and advocacy opportunities for its stakeholders.”

For more information, please contact MCCA at:

Cheryl Barsalou, Executive Director
360 – 1395 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3G 3P2
Ph: 204-945-6468
Fax: 204-945-1406
E-mail: cbarsalou@gov.mb.ca

Manitoba Aerospace Association Inc.

Manitoba Aerospace Association Inc. (MAAI) is responsible for business development for the aerospace industry.

For more information, please contact MAAI at:

Ken Carr, Executive Director
1425 Whyte Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3E 1V7
Ph: 204-784-7988
Fax: 204-784-7989
E-mail: kcarr@mts.net

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

For more than 130 years, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) has successfully represented the interests of Canadian business, keeping members on the competitive edge of world-class manufacturing and trade. CME’s mission is “to continuously improve the competitiveness of Canadian industry and to expand export business.”

For more information, please contact CME at:

103 – 611 Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3L 0P3
Ph: 204-949-1454
Website: www.cme-mec.ca

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