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The 411 on the 204


get the 411 from Andre

background DJ, Music Fan, Blogger
interests Basketball, Technology, Music
winnipeg in 2 words Indie Community


get the 411 from Connie

background Fashion Columnist, Ex-TV Reporter, Communications Maven
interests Fashion, shopping, shoes, food, yoga
winnipeg in 2 words Sensible Chic

Out in Winnipeg

get the 411 from Adam

background UofW Theatre, acted like C.C. Bloom as a kid, report card said I talk too much
interests Kathy Griffin, Reality TV, Soy Lattes, Musical Theatre, Attractive Men
winnipeg in 2 words Outrageously Humble

Family Fun

get the 411 from Family Fun

background Winnipegger, Fun Expert
interests Fun attractions, events and festivals
winnipeg in 2 words Family Friendly

Biz in WPG

get the 411 from Heather Sadowy

background RRC Business Grad, Credit Union administrator, Local business devotee.
interests people, music, documentaries, trying to analyze dreams…and breakfast.
winnipeg in 2 words Subtly Sublime


get the 411 from Food in WPG

background Multicultural Menu
interests Edible Exploration, Creatively Kitchen Concoctions, Festively Feasting
winnipeg in 2 words Culinarily Curious

arts & culture

get the 411 from ML

background Stylist, artist
interests Food, family, fun & my furry friend
winnipeg in 2 words Cultural Capital